Small 10ml 710 Design UV-Resistant Concentrate Jar

Small 10ml 710 Design UV-Resistant Concentrate Jar

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Small 10ml 710 design on UV Concentrate Jars by 420 Science

These UV proof jars stop all visible light from entering the jar thus protecting the contents from harmful UV radiation which degrades the product. By keeping your concentrates and pollen in these jars you are keeping them at optimal condition.

Unlike other Jars the 420 Science UV Jars are designed exclusively for concentrate and pollen as such they have rounded edges on the inside of the jar. Concave bottom ensures that you can access every part of the jar, without leaving any concentrate or pollen extracts behind.

Product Features

  • Blocks ALL UV-B Light
  • Stops Concentrate Degrading
  • Stops Pollen Extracts losing Potency
  • Rounded internal edges
  • 710 design