Green Gone 2 Day Emergency THC Detox Kit
Green Gone 2 Day Emergency THC Detox Kit
Green Gone 2 Day Emergency THC Detox Kit
Green Gone 2 Day Emergency THC Detox Kit

Green Gone 2 Day Emergency THC Detox Kit

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Recommended THC detox kit for single time, or infrequent (2-3 times a month) users.

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As soon as your kit arrives, start it right away, even if there’s ample time after you’d complete the detox before your real drug test in case you struggle with the process. This gives you more options to help you finish the detox and ensure you don’t run out of time to take it all before your drug test.

Once you’ve completed the detox and your system is clear, you’ll be ready for the real test. Keep in mind that this product will increase the output of the THC metabolites being released by your body, which makes it possible for your body to detox faster. You may be tempted to test yourself throughout the detox process, but don’t waste your test strips mid-detox. Save your test strips for later to make sure you’ve had a successful detox before your real drug test.

Follow These Steps for Successful Detox:

1. Abstain from using any form of marijuana. You also need to avoid any secondhand marijuana smoke. Going through the detox process will be pointless if you’re still using. You must quit completely to be successful.

2. Make any necessary changes to your diet.

  • While Green Gone does contain some fiber, it’s essential that you get about 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day. The metabolites in your system will bind up to be excreted out of your system through the stomach and intestines. Some sources of fiber you should add to your diet include: apples, berries, avocados, coconut, peas, nuts, artichokes, lentils, whole oatmeal, beans, whole-grain bread, and bran cereal. Consider if you should add a fiber supplement.
  • Avoid eating too many carbs—no more than 50 grams per day. This will help loosen up the THC stored in your fat. You’re working on getting your body to burn the fat that’s already stored rather than burning the carbs you eat. Keep your diet simple. Focus on eating lean meats, beans, vegetables, whole grains, and fruits while watching your carbs.

3. Start an exercise routine. Talk to your doctor before starting a workout regimen that has some cardiovascular exercise, such as an hour of biking, rowing, jogging, using the elliptical, etc. Try to do this for at least the first two to three days of your detox process or longer if possible. Avoid exercising the day before and the day of your drug test.

4. Abstain from other drugs or alcohol. Continuing to imbibe could cause your liver to not be able to detox the metabolites so they can be excreted by your body. The day before and the day of your test, you should avoid over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Consult with a doctor about any prescriptions.

5. Drink six to eight cups of water. You also can drink milk, tea, and coffee during your detox. However, you should avoid highly acidic beverages, such as beer, soda, fruit juices, and energy drinks. These beverages will decrease your urine’s pH value and cause the metabolites to not dissolve, meaning they could be reabsorbed by your body.

6. Take four Green Gone Detox pills three times a day. You should take the first and second dose along with your corresponding meals of the day. The third dose should be taken with a small snack right before you go to bed, but after you’ve urinated for the last time. It’s important to take the dose after your final urination as it helps to make the formula work more effectively for gathering the metabolites to be eliminated in the morning when you urinate again.

Test Directions

  • During the process of providing a urine sample, ensure you use a technique called a “mid-catch.” Urinate for a few seconds, then start collecting your sample. Once your sample cup is full, finish urinating in the toilet. This process will minimize how many THC metabolites are in your sample as the solutes are often in the top and the bottom of your bladder.
  • Before you take your test, ensure that you stay hydrated. Your urine should be light yellow. Clear urine may mean your sample is too diluted and won’t be useable.
  • Be sure to use a test strip at home before your test. This can give you peace of mind for your upcoming drug test. You may feel more comfortable if you try it several times.
  • Don’t take Green Gone the day of your test. It’s often best to give yourself at least 10 to 12 hours to have the product exit your system before your test.
  • Urinate at least once before your test. You should never use your first urination of the day for your real drug test. There is a high probability this will be the most concentrated urine of the day.
  • Try to schedule your drug test appointment for the afternoon. You have more time to prepare and get hydrated.



Green Gone contains the following herbal blend to eliminate THC metabolites:

  • St John Wort - A natural plant proven to be a potent liver enzyme inducer. THC is heavily metabolized by the liver through enzymes separated into CYP families based on their cytochrome spectrum of activity. St John Wort has been show in studies to more than double the activity of these enzymes, specifically 2C9 and 3A4, the same enzyme systems responsible for the metabolism of THC to more water soluble compounds such as the carboxylic metabolite THC-COOH, and other hydroxylated derivatives that can then participate in phase 2 chemical reactions such as glucoronidation, in which a sugar moiety is attached to the partially metabolized THC to increase urine solubility and subsequent clearance of the THC.
  • Sodium bicarb - This helps to increase the pH of urine. One of the limiting factors of clearing THC is the acidic metabolites are similar in pH to that of urine, which also normally runs slightly acidic on a 1-14 standard pH scale. pH is also a logarithmic scale so for every 1 unit it increases on the scale is a 10 fold change to solubility potential, a change of 2 is 100 fold and so on. The idea here is to constantly keep your urine pH 1 or 2 units higher than usual. This will encourage ionization of the acidic metabolites and greatly increase their solubility in an aqueous polar solution like that of water, and your urine is almost entirely water.
  • White willow 15% extract - This was another big breakthrough for us. Using molecular docking software, we were able to make a 3-dimensional model of both THC and the albumin binding sites in the blood. THC is usually 95-99% protein bound to albumin. The bound THC cannot be metabolized or cleared through the kidney because it is stuck to the protein that is too large to pass across the nephron membrane into the urine. Your body does this naturally to maintain vascular pressure. White Willow contains salicyclates similar to those found in aspirin, which is amino-salicyclic acid. Salicyclates are similar in chemical structure to THC metabolites, causing them to bind to some of the same sites on albumin. With a salicyclate now bound to albumin in THC's normal binding position, this free metabolite can now be both metabolized and cleared. This is a pharmacology concept known as competitive binding where 2 chemicals are competing for the same binding sites, and the protein binding effect in this situation is thereby reduced. 
  • Horsetail extract - A mild, all natural diuretic. Many of the products online contain diuretics but we wanted to take it further. By modifying the above so now you have: increased liver activity, decreased protein binding in blood, and increased urine pH now not only are you simply making more urine, but the urine you are making has significantly higher concentrations of metabolites when compared to prior. 
  • Psyllium husk - Half or more of all THC is excreted through the bowels. The idea here is to add a source of fiber to bind THC in the gut, minimize re absorption in the lower intestinal track, and increase excretion in the feces. 

All blended together at proven effective doses in 100% vegan-friendly plant gel capsules!

  1. Proven THC elimination increase by 215-330%+
  2. Designed by pharmacists
  3. Safe, all natural ingredients
  4. Made in the USA at a GMP approved, FDA inspected facility
  5. Simple instructions - Take our capsules 3 times a day
  6. Fast free shipping!
  7. Discreet billing and packaging