Strawberry Flavour 60ml refill
Strawberry Flavour 60ml refill
Strawberry Flavour 60ml refill

Strawberry Flavour 60ml refill

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Farm to Vape's Strawberry is the easiest way to make mix your own juice's using your concentrates and oils. Using only the highest grade PEG300 & PEG400 and natural flavouring we have created the perfect blend to ensure consistency, quality, and a formula that will never separate to give you the longest lasting blend possible. Designed to match the molecular weights of the active ingredients in herbal concentrates. Our natural  Strawberry flavour also helps mask the strong taste and odour of concentrates. Available in 60ml sizes for those who are looking for a larger bottle of our famous Thinner in strawpberry flavour. If you like to make many different strengths at a time, then this is the size for you.

We turn favourite legal waxes into E-liquid or shatter into E-juice. Our formulas create discreet and stable vape oil from BHO, Crumbles, Isolates and other herbal concentrates. We do all of this and more whilst matching the molecular weight of the active ingredient in all herbal concentrates to ensure our product cannot be bested.

Our simple kits can be understood by anyone with a basic knowledge and experience in vaping products and the vast variety we offer mean customers are capable of anything from creating vape oil / E-juice mixes for any cartridge, sub-ohm tank or atomizer to safely thinning herbal concentrates with our thinning E-juice kit. Our wax to E-juice kits are both cost effective and convenient and have proven to be incredibly popular as well as our selection of thinners that are available from flavourless and clear to flavoured in order to enhance the desired taste further.

Our products have made it easier and more convenient for patients to access the medicinal properties of their favourite herbal concentrates compared to when they have used traditional wax vape pens and enails. Additionally, the Farm to Vape products do not contain nicotine, PG or VG. Our proprietary blend uses only the finest medical grade Polyethylene Glycols (PEG) and all natural flavours skilfully blended and bottled in the U.S.A.

And to top it all off, you- our clients, are the sole reason we trade and our fantastic customer service means you get the best quality care throughout every stage of the journey- including access to a page dedicated to providing an after service on how to use the kits through well written instructions, easy to follow videos