Cannolator Herb Extractor (Complete Kit): Make Your Own Pure Oil

Cannolator Herb Extractor (Complete Kit): Make Your Own Pure Oil

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More and more people are looking for ways to safely make medicinal oil.  Nowadays, this alcohol extraction method is one of the most common way to make your own oil with a 50% reduction in alcohol use over other methods.  You can purchase this Cannolator, you only need to order alcohol and your own herbs and you're set. 

Video: Making oil with the cannolator

Preparation time ± 2 hours

**(You will need 95%+ drinkable alcohol (Ethanol, ethyl alcohol, "drinking alcohol",NOT isopropanol!) NOT INCLUDED.***

How to use:
Take some fine-ground herb and f
ill one of the supplied extraction tubes.
Place the extraction tube into the stand with the small hole at the bottom.
Place the Pyrex collection beaker under the extraction tube.
Pour alcohol at 6x the weight of herb into the top of the extraction tube. eg 20g herb = 120ml of alcohol. 
Place the beaker in to the bottle warmer.
Now turn on the baby bottle warmer to high temperature and the alcohol will evaporate.
When left with a smooth liquid after an hour or 2, the paste ready.

Cooking suggestion:  Thin pasta...
With a Cannolator make your own paste.  Now it must be diluted.  You can add olive or hemp seed oil according to your own preference and taste. You can make the oil as strong as you want.

Recommended dilution:
5x dilution = 1 bottle of 10ml = regular strength
10x dilution = 2 bottles of 10ml = sensitive persons
15x dilution = 3 bottles of 10ml = maintenance dose.

Hemp seed oil or olive oil
The taste of oil is very important, of course. Many medicinal oils do not have a nice taste, but this also has to do with the oil that is added as diluent. Choose between hemp seed oil or olive oil. However, we recommend hemp seed oil because it contains many healthy omega fatty acids.

Cannolator complete kit:  (Please note, book not included)

Package Contents

1x  Cannolator standard.
2x  borosilicate glass extraction tubes (37cm).
1x extraction tube work stand.
1x Borosilicate glass beaker.
3x 10ml pipette bottles.
1x customized cleaning brush.
1x thermometer.
1x baby bottle warmer.
1x air pump.
1 UK Plug adapter

Sent in plain packaging for your discretion

THC Content None