Cannolator Herb Extractor (Basic Kit): Make Your Own Pure Oil

Cannolator Herb Extractor (Basic Kit): Make Your Own Pure Oil

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Cannolator Herb Extractor (Basic Kit): Make Your Own Pure Oil

Thanks to Cannolator from a Stichting Medi-Wiet non-profit organisation,you can make your own hemp oil from hemp plants with very little effort. With this device, you can extract hemp oil at home. You decide on the strength and ingredients of your own extract. 

This is the basic kit and does not include the bottle warmer or airpump which are included in the complete kit.

Video: Making oil with the cannolator

The Cannolator Extractor is a complete oil extraction kit that allows you to make your own oil. The extractor is simple to use and can reliably extract 2g of pure oil from 20g of herb in as little as 2 hours. The Cannolator uses less alcohol for the oil extraction than other methods which makes it very economical to use. The kit includes the Cannolator extractor, glass tubes, measuring cups, pipettes, cleaning brushes, a thermometer and a detailed booklet with instructions how to use it.


Making your own oil is very easy with the Cannolator. The Cannolator doesn’t require butane gas but works with alcohol that you can get anywhere cheaply.


  • Cannolator
  • Two glass mixing jars
  • Digital scale (up to 0.1 gram)
  • 20g of your favourite herb to extract 2g of pure oil. You will later dilute the concentrated oil with olive oil to make 10ml (250 drops) of finished oil, ready to use. You can use all parts of your plant except the branches and the roots!
  • 1 Litre of 96% drinkable alcohol (Ethanol, ethyl alcohol, "drinking alcohol", no isopropanol!) NOT INCLUDED.
  • Baby bottle warmer (to heat the mixing jar)


  1. Weigh the glass mixing jar. If you know the weight of the jar it will help to know how much finished oil you make.
  2. Weigh 20 grams of dried herb and grind it to a fine powder with a grinder or with your hands.
  3. Fill the Cannolator glass tube with the dried and crushed herb. You will notice a hole at the bottom of the glass tube which lets the alcohol through but not the herb.
  4. Press the herb down gently while filling the glass tube. For this you can use the opposite end of the included scraper tool.
  5. Set the filled glass tube in the Cannolator and pull the hose from the air pump through the hole in the bracket of the Cannolator and allow it to come out from the top of the mixing glass. This will make the evaporation 3-4 times faster. Do not let the hose hang into the alcohol.
  6. Gradually and slowly pour 120 ml of alcohol from the mixing glass into the top of the glass tube. Use 6x the weight of your herb for the amount of alcohol. For example, if you have 20 grams of herb you would use 120ml (6 x 20ml) of alcohol.
  7. Set the baby bottle heater to its maximum heat of 100°C. If you set the glass jar in the bottle heater, the alcohol will quickly start to bubble and evaporate. Be careful and make sure that your area is well ventilated! (Open the window). Alcohol boils and vaporizes at 78°C. As long as there is alcohol in the jar, the temperature of the mix will not go over 80°C.
  8. Since you use 96% alcohol this means it contains 4% water. When all the alcohol has evaporated, the temperature of the tincture will rise above 78°C. At this point, the water evaporates.
  9. When the water has evaporated, the temperature of the tincture will reach 100°C. You will notice small air bubbles. These bubbles are created by the decarboxylation. It will take approximately 2 hours until the mix will settle down and no new bubbles appear. At this point you will have made about 2 grams of pure oil!
  10. Weigh the mixing cup that now contains the finished oil. Subtract the weight of the empty cup from the weight of the mixing bowl with the oil. For example, if you just made 2 grams of oil, you will now add 8 grams of olive oil to dilute the oil 5x. Mix the concentrated oil and the olive oil well for 5 minutes. Your 5x diluted oil is ready! Pour your oil in a 10ml pipette bottle.
THC Content None
Source European industrial (organic) hemp