Green Gone FAQ


What is Green Gone?

Green Gone is a 100% natural, plant derived, capsule based THC detox kit / dietary supplement specifically designed to increase the user’s elimination of cannabis metabolites through their urine and feces. For a full explanation of the processes Green Gone visit our How It Works page

How fast does this product work?

Based on the data we have collected from users it cuts the detection time in about half, or sometimes better, by enhancing the rates of THC metabolite formation and elimination. However, at least some of this depends on your personal attributes and approaches to the detox. Each kit comes with a user’s manual to give you other lesser known tips and tricks to help you. We've had fantastic results with our customers!

How long will I stay clean after I use Green Gone?

Unlike many other "masking" products, Green Gone is a permanent detox. As long as you abstain after obtaining a negative result, you will continue to be clean. There are some factors that may slightly alter this to look out for. Such as being less hydrated, burning more fat cells, or how a sample is collected.

Are there any side effects?

Green Gone passed safely through our various research. The unique blend of ingredients is 100% all natural and vegan friendly. Even so, we recommend seeking medical advice from a healthcare professional or an MD prior to starting, especially if you have any major illnesses and/or are taking prescription drugs. Our full disclaimer is here. There are a couple known side effects. Side effects may include: increased urination, defecation, or upset stomach. This can be prevented in most cases by taking the product with food.

 How long does marijuana stay in my system?

That mainly depends on your physical attributes and your usage. One time usage is typically detectable in urine 5-7 days, whereas daily usage could be detectable for several weeks or even months. The best way to know you’re clean is to test yourself with test strips. For more information of how long THC will stay in your system check out our blog post here.

How can I be sure I will pass my test?

Be sure to follow all our detox recommendations that come with our kits. We recommend a low carb and high fiber diet while using the detox. The best way to know if you are clean is to use the test strips provided with the kit. Please wait 24 hours after taking the last capsules before taking a test. Test yourself as much as possible! When testing yourself make sure it is a well hydrated mid-catch sample. Each kit comes with 5 test strips included.

Does Green Gone show up on a drug test?

No it will not. However, Green Gone contains non-steroidal anti-inflammatory derivatives, which can, although uncommon, cause a false positive on a drug test. Green Gone has been specifically designed to have NSAID components that only stay in the system a few hours to avoid this false positive that could lead to increased scrutiny of your sample.