Farm To Vape FAQ

What is Farm to Vape? 
Farm to Vape is the best and easiest way to turn your concentrates into E-juice.   

What are concentrates?
Concentrates, oils, waxes, rosins, isolates, distillates, budders, shatters and pastes are derived from plants (i.e. hemp, clove, marijuana, lavender, mint).  There are different methods to extract the oil or wax such as super critical CO2, butane, alcohol or a rosin press.  These concentrates often have a a wax or honey like texture, while others will resemble crystals or oils. Waxes and other concentrates will not work alone in a vaporiser, they are too thick for the wick to draw. Waxes must be diluted with Farm to Vape Thinner in order to be used in a vaporiser with a tank or a drip mod.

Where can I get Farm to Vape? 
Our website is the best way to ensure that you are getting 100% Farm to Vape products. You can also ask your local Smoke Shop, Vape store, or convenience store, and if they don’t already stock our products ask them to call us and we will get them squared away. 

Is it safe? 
Yes, PEG 400 and PEG 300 are a safe suspension liquid for vaporisers. We take pride in sourcing only the finest U.S.P. grade PEG's, and ensure that all mixing and manufacturing is handled in certified clean facilities. Many companies use PG and VG based formulas for their suspension liquids. PG and VG are commonly used in Nicotine carrying E-liquids so most assume that this should be used for concentrate suspension, which couldn't be further from the truth.  Both PG and VG will separate from your concentrates and should not be used in this capacity.  The dropper bottle’s cap was designed to expand with any added pressure from the heat, therefore making it safe to boil in the sealed dropper bottle. Please boil the bottle fully submerged, and with a lid on the pot, we cannot be held responsible for unforeseen circumstances. 

Why not use PG? 
The most obvious reason is that PG simply does not work as well. PG will separate from your waxes and create a total mess inside your vaporiser and it doesn’t wick consistently.

How long does it last?
One kit will turn about 3.5 grams of herbal concentrate into almost 15ml of infused E-liquid. Our thinner is designed to be stable for a very long time so you will not have to worry about your product ever separating from our product…they were meant to be.

Can I use it with various forms of wax/paste/shatter/budder/isolates/crumble?
We have not found a wax/concentrate that our Thinner has not worked with. Most readily available waxes, pastes, crumbles and concentrates in general from your own garden or local grower work great with Farm to Vape’s Thinner. This was designed to be the perfect suspension vehicle for your concentrates to be used in wicking vaporisers, oil hole carts, RDA drip mods, E-cigarettes, and we think we have succeeded. 

Will this work with Marijuana Hash Oil, Shatter or BHO? 
We get this question a lot, and if it is legal where you live then this will work exceptionally well. We have satisfied customers from all over the world that order Thinner all the time, and swear that this is the best possible solution to thin their extracts and waxes for their vape pens/wicking vaporisers. If it is legal where you live then this is the answer you have been looking for, if it is illegal where you live then this probably won’t work. (See what we did there?)

What kind of E-Cig / Vaporiser works best?
There are a lot of specific brands that all have their selling points.  EVOD vape pens work great.  If you want a larger cloud or hit, you need a sub ohm set up.  A lot of people like the drip style vaporiser to get an intense amount of flavour out of their vape.  Ceramic oil hole tanks are always a great bet, and can be setup on small easy to carry batteries.  It really comes down to how portable you want your setup to be.  Are you looking for discretion or flavour?  Small or large?  We designed Farm to Vape's Thinners to work with all of them, even 510 thread ceramic oil tanks work nicely.

Do I have to use your kit to mix my waxes / oils with Farm toVape Thinner? 
You don’t have to use our kit and if you find a better method please let us know. We have been working on and using this product for a long time now and the boil/dropper method has proven to be the easiest that we have found. Really, any method of heating the Thinner and your wax / oils should work but nothing has proved as easy and without mess quite like the kit.  Some people put their concentrate in a shot glass and then add thinner on top of that and put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds which works as well, but it can have some adverse effects on your concentrate any time you nuke it in the microwave. If you have found a method that you love let us know though, the fact that you are reading this means you are pretty smart, and we love hearing from smart folks. 

What ratio should I be using to mix my concentrates into an E-liquid?
The viscosity of different concentrates can vary wildly depending on quality, and what your concentrate consists of but we find anywhere between 66% and 75% of your mix should be Farm To Vape Thinner.  A good starting point would be to add 1g of concentrate in the bottle and then add 3g of Thinner (this is roughly a bottle filled to just below the neck in most cases).

My mix tastes harsh or burnt! What happened?
If you make a mix too thick, i.e. too low of a ratio of concentrate to Farm to Vape, you will get a harsh, burnt taste. This is because the mix is too thick to enter the coil chamber and you are tasting the coil burning itself. . Try mixing more Farm to Vape and boiling again. This may sound counter intuitive but the thinner the mix is, the better it flows through the tank and you can crank the power. The higher the power, the more magic from the concentrate you'll unlock.  When we try to make a very potent mix, i.e. too thick, it won't flow correctly through the vape tank and you have to turn the power down to not taste burning.  This doesn't unlock as much magic from the concentrate or produce as much vape cloud.  

My liquid gets dark after a while, is this normal?  
Yes, as liquid goes inside the coil chamber, it is heated up and vaporised.  As it is a liquid chamber, some of the fluid inside the coil was in the process of getting vaporised and is a darker colour.  This may flow back into the rest of the tank, changing the gold colour to a brown colour.  This is normal and is more pronounced in some tanks over others.

Where can I get Farm to Vape?
​Ask your local Smoke shop, Vape shop, Hydroponics shop, or CBD supplier and if they don’t already stock our products ask them to call us, and we will get them squared away.