Why Green Gone THC Detox and How It Works

Why Choose Green Gone Detox Over Competitors

If you frequently use marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes, you may reach a point when you’d like to have a cleansing. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to do your research when it comes to purchasing a THC detox product. There are plenty of detox kits out there on the market that claims to work naturally and quickly. However, not all products are made equally. Using products like Green Gone can guarantee results and help you rest easy knowing that you’re using one of the healthiest marijuana detox pills available. Here are the reasons why this specific product works so well. 


100% Natural 

When looking for a THC detox system, there are plenty of capsules and detox drinks out there that claim to be natural, but will include various additives that you'd never consider to be pure. With a product like Green Gone, you’re able to rest easy knowing that you’re consuming a 100% natural plant-derived dietary supplement. These capsules work effectively without the use of chemicals or drugs. Green Gone capsules include things like sodium bicarb, white willow 15% extract, and horsetail extract. 

Works Faster Than Competitors 

If you’re in a situation where you need to detox and do so quickly, Green Gone is the product for you. Studies show that frequent users are able to detox in half the amount of time in comparison to the use of other THC detox products. Of course, the time it takes for your body to detox will vary depending on your usage, height, weight, and daily food habits. Each of their marijuana detox capsules comes with a user’s manual with tips and best practices to help you detox in a way that’s unique to you. 

Reduced Side Effects

It’s normal to feel things such as increased urination or an upset stomach when going through any sort of detox system. While these are quite common, the chances of experiencing extreme side effects are significantly reduced when using the Green Gone detox method. Since their products are all natural and vegan-friendly, users will experience less of these common side effects normally seen with other detox systems. It’s always recommended to speak with your doctor if you do have side effects that go beyond common detox symptoms.

Permanent Detox System 

Some teas, drinks, or capsules that claim to be detox methods will simply “mask” the appearance of THC in your system instead of actually cleansing your system. This means that if you’re facing a drug test, marijuana can still be detected in your system if you’re not consuming the product correctly. With Green Gone detox pills, you’re going through a permanent marijuana detox process. If you're abstaining from marijuana, the moment you’ve begun your Green Gone detox kit, you’ll remain clean from that point forward.

Green Gone contains the following herbal blend to eliminate THC metabolites:

  • St John Wort - A natural plant proven to be a potent liver enzyme inducer. THC is heavily metabolized by the liver through enzymes separated into CYP families based on their cytochrome spectrum of activity. St John Wort has been show in studies to more than double the activity of these enzymes, specifically 2C9 and 3A4, the same enzyme systems responsible for the metabolism of THC to more water soluble compounds such as the carboxylic metabolite THC-COOH, and other hydroxylated derivatives that can then participate in phase 2 chemical reactions such as glucoronidation, in which a sugar moiety is attached to the partially metabolized THC to increase urine solubility and subsequent clearance of the THC.
  • Sodium bicarb - This helps to increase the pH of urine. One of the limiting factors of clearing THC is the acidic metabolites are similar in pH to that of urine, which also normally runs slightly acidic on a 1-14 standard pH scale. pH is also a logarithmic scale so for every 1 unit it increases on the scale is a 10 fold change to solubility potential, a change of 2 is 100 fold and so on. The idea here is to constantly keep your urine pH 1 or 2 units higher than usual. This will encourage ionization of the acidic metabolites and greatly increase their solubility in an aqueous polar solution like that of water, and your urine is almost entirely water.
  • White willow 15% extract - This was another big breakthrough for us. Using molecular docking software, we were able to make a 3-dimensional model of both THC and the albumin binding sites in the blood. THC is usually 95-99% protein bound to albumin. The bound THC cannot be metabolized or cleared through the kidney because it is stuck to the protein that is too large to pass across the nephron membrane into the urine. Your body does this naturally to maintain vascular pressure. White Willow contains salicyclates similar to those found in aspirin, which is amino-salicyclic acid. Salicyclates are similar in chemical structure to THC metabolites, causing them to bind to some of the same sites on albumin. With a salicyclate now bound to albumin in THC's normal binding position, this free metabolite can now be both metabolized and cleared. This is a pharmacology concept known as competitive binding where 2 chemicals are competing for the same binding sites, and the protein binding effect in this situation is thereby reduced. 
  • Horsetail extract - A mild, all natural diuretic. Many of the products online contain diuretics but we wanted to take it further. By modifying the above so now you have: increased liver activity, decreased protein binding in blood, and increased urine pH now not only are you simply making more urine, but the urine you are making has significantly higher concentrations of metabolites when compared to prior. 
  • Psyllium husk - Half or more of all THC is excreted through the bowels. The idea here is to add a source of fiber to bind THC in the gut, minimize re absorption in the lower intestinal track, and increase excretion in the feces. 

All blended together at proven effective doses in 100% vegan-friendly plant gel capsules!